Double Braid Polyester Composite Pulling Rope

Diameter: 1/4 in
Length: 600 ft


Double Braid Polyester Composite Rope is recommended for heavy pulls, especially where multiple cables are being installed.  Most equipment manufacturers specify that the rope used should have very low stretch, and that its tensile strength be matched to the cable puller’s maximum pulling force, using a minimum 4:1 safety factor.  So a cable tugger with a maximum pulling force of 8000 lbs. should use a pulling rope with a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs or more.

These cable pulling ropes are made from low elongation, high tenacity yarns.  Polyester has the lowest stretch of all industrial grade fibers.  The double braid construction consists of two ropes, one (the outer cover) braided over the other (the core) in a balanced, block creel construction.

To produce a balanced braid, half of the yarn is twisted into strands in the “Z”, or right hand direction, half is twisted into strands in the “S”, or left hand direction.  The rope is braided in such a way that the filaments on the outer surface of the cover and core braids are parallel to the axis of the rope.

Braiding is performed on a machine with a given number of bobbins which hold the yarn strands.  In many braiding facilities, when a bobbin runs out of yarn, it is replaced with a full one, and the strands from the old and new bobbins are connected in an effort to minimize strength loss.  In a block creel construction, the same amount of yarn is measured on to each bobbin – so that every strand runs the full length of the rope.  NFPA, OSHA, and other life safety ropes permit only the block creel construction method, which is the method used to construct our pulling rope.

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