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Information About Rope

From 2″ hemp manila rope for landscaping to 3/4″ composite double braid for electrical construction, using just the right product is crucial.

How to choose the right product? Use what’s worked for others.

Fifty years ago there were twisted nylon, hemp, and manilla rope and braided cotton sash cord. Today, products for sale include these as well as other industrial synthetics, super synthetics, and composites – and there are OSHA and industry rules and standards to consider.

So picking the right type isn’t as easy as it was then.

Where product failure could lead to damage to property or people, we suggest you check with OSHA or your industry association (you can link to many of these from this site) before you buy. Some OEMs publish specifications – for pulling rope and scaffolding operating and lifelines, for example – that should be met in order to safely operate certain equipment.

Using current information is very important here – manila, hemp and other natural fiber products have been replaced in most load bearing applications by stronger, more durable (and more inspectable) job appropriate synthetics such as nylon, polyester, or (especially where possible contact with electrical current is a factor) polypropylene.

Natural fibers are still great for decorative use, but generally not for the type of applications they were used for in the past. So if a manual or spec says to use a natural fiber line for overhead lifting, it’s out of date. Before proceeding, get a more recent version of the document and get rid of the old one.

For non-critical applications, it makes sense to use what has proven itself for the same type of work you’re doing. The pages on this site will give you some direction here.

While we distribute a selection of high quality commercial twisted and braided products, in some cases its best that we provide only information. For example, wire cable, because of its weight, should normally be purchased locally. And there are times it’s best to go with the OEM or a certified rigging shop.

If you’re not sure, or if you need help finding sources for products we don’t offer, please feel free to call and we’ll give you some direction if we can.

On the other hand, if we can supply what you need, we promise dependable service, competitive prices, and solid quality.

We appreciate your visit.

We suggest you start by following the ‘Care and Use’ link above

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