Polyester rope is almost identical to nylon in appearance and feel.

While it’s only about 90% as strong as nylon and does not absorb shock loads as well, it has lots of advantages. It holds up as well against damage from most chemicals, rot, and mildew, including acids which cause damage to nylon; it is more abrasion resistant, more resistant to damage from exposure to sunlight, stretches far less, and does not lose strength when wet as nylon line does.

It’s been said that if polyester had been invented before nylon, they wouldn’t have bothered inventing nylon. With the exception of nylons excellent shock load resistance, that may be a fair statement.

High strength makes this product popular with tree care contractors as hoisting rope and bull rope as well as safety lanyards, climbing rope and lifelines. Because of it’s low stretch properties it is a good stringing and winch line.


The fiber has good dielectric strength but, as with all rope, is more likely to pass electric current if it is wet or dirty.

Twisted Polyester Rope


Twisted Polypropylene Rope


Twisted Nylon Rope