Pool rope is a polypropylene product – usually blue and white, used to create lanes, often threaded through plastic floats to make the lanes more visible. It’s also used to divide swimming areas – for example, to identify deep water from shallow – in pools as well as in natural bodies of water. Polypropylene is used here because, unlike nylon of polyester, it floats. While hollow braid is sometimes used, especially in smaller sizes, the most popular products are 1/2″ and 3/4″ twisted poly with two white strands and one blue strand.

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As far as other cordage used by swimming pool contractors and operators, Braided polyester rope is used in some automatic safety cover systems. The product must be made without braider splices because the assembly clearances are very tight. Products are available using straight polyester, as well as polyester over an extra low-stretch Kevlar core.

Bungi cords – are used to hold standard, non-safety type covers in place.

It is not safe to walk on covers secured in this way. They’re normally put down to keep leaves or other debris out of the water.

Here is an industry related website you may want to visit or download – Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

Twisted Polypropylene Rope


Solid Braid Polyester


Hollow Braid Polypropylene