The criteria for crowd control rope includes more than just cost. Is the need temporary? Must the system be portable? Is the location indoors or outdoors? How much ‘control’ will be necessary?

Formal barriers in the traditional style with soft burgundy velour roping and gold or chrome stanchions are popular for museums, banks, theaters, and similar applications. Variations of this style use rope that is covered with Naugahyde or woven tweed patterned covers, as well as products made from polypropylene or other synthetic fibers.

For less formal rope applications – such as creating spectator areas at golf tournaments, to identify routes for marathons and other public races, and for landscapers use in blocking off newly planted areas, yellow twisted or braided polypropylene are popular. Both are very inexpensive and easy to install on simple posts or stakes.

And manila rope and rope netting are used in places like water and other amusement parks and other facilities where there are hazards to the public.

Manila Rope Products


Hollow Braid Polypropylene


Twisted Polypropylene Rope