Solid Braid Nylon with Galvanized Cable Core

Diameter: 3/16"
Length: 1000ft


Rope made from 100% virgin nylon, the stuff that holds up in sunlight, basically forever.  Nylon and polyester do not decay in the sun's UV rays.

The wire center of this rope is galvanized cable, 7x7 - 3/32", allowing this rope to withstand the rigors of weather.  The cable core provides stability with less stretch however, it makes the rope much more difficult to knot.

  • Available diameters of 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8"
  • Available lengths of 500 and 1000 feet
  • Tensile Strength = 920 lbs  (lab tested)
  • Available in White

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