Our Woven polyester tape prices are, in many cases, lower than those for the twisted poly rope sometimes used for pulling fiber optic cable.

Remember using poly rope? Inconsistent lengths, bumpy splices? Stretchy, scratchy stuff. It was kind of like sanding the duct while pulling.

The construction of our woven polyester pulling tape means lots of distinct advantages over other pulling products:

It has accurate sequential footage markings.

It is made from low elongation polyester fiber, is pre-lubricated, and has a wide, flat profile – which means reduced friction and heat build-up, elimination of ‘sanding’ and duct burn-through, and prevention of snap-back in the event of a break under high tension.

It is easy to blow through conduit or innerduct,

It is supplied in continuous splice free lengths on sturdy wood or plastic reels.

We offer $10.00 shipping on any size order within the contiguous United States.

All of our products are shipped within 1-2 business days.

To order by phone, call 1-800-875-8719, or order online below. Should a product be out of stock, we’ll notify you of the delay immediately. If that happens (not likely), we will ask if you prefer to cancel your order.

Conduit Measuring Tape


Detectable Woven Polyester Pulling Tape


Woven Polyester Pulling Tape